Leslie Raymond:  film/videography
Potter-Belmar Labs

Rife w/ Fire, 1996
16mm film, 8 min
Twa Corbies, 2000
digital video, 6 min
Low Voltage Collection, 2003
digital video, 12 min
Amelita Destruction, 2004
digital video, 4:45 min
Settings, 2005
digital video, 13:42
Characters, 2005
digital video, 15:42
Pandora's Bike, 2006
digital video, 12:30
A Beautiful Brocade, 2006
digital video, 4:30
I began documenting Stephen Rife's pyrotechnic demonstrations  in 1994.  From non-dairy-creamer explosions to projectiles of burning steel wool and experiments with flaming paraffin & water, I discovered how the medium
of fire lends itself magnificently to the medium of film, as they share rudimentary principles of light and movement.

selected screenings:
Ladyfest, San Francisco CA
Images Festival, Toronto Canada
EIGA Arts, Saga-Ken Japan
LOW-FI Video, Belgrade Yugoslavia
Cinema Texas, Austin TX
Madcat Int’l Film Festival, S.F. CA
Women In the Director’s Chair at
    Walker Art Center, Minneapolis MN

Anti-Film Festival -
   Best of Festival
Ann Arbor Film Fest -
   Best Local Filmmaker
MMAAC, Minneapolis - 
   Women Filmmakers Access Grant


Twa Corbies is video in five parts, based on the historic Scottish ballad of the same name.  It has exhibited as a single-channel piece, as well as interactive installation.

Twa Corbies was projected as an ongoing loop at “Immedia 1901,” the annual electronic media event at the University of Michigan Media Union, on a 30’ x 40’ screen.

An installation version consisted of the video projection with two sculptural elements containing speakers.  The user could access the sound by pulling on wooden handles dangling from these “pull-boxes.”

This installation exhibited at “ArtSeen 8” in Windsor, Ontario (Canada); and Craig Baldwin’s “De Facto Films” event at the Soap Factory in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

This collection of six shorts was created for the Low Voltage Film Festival in St. Paul MN, and responded to various categories such as horror, cooking, and calamity.

the series includes:
Esther Levine's Chicken Washing Technique
Girl Shoots 2 Boys Brawling!
Fortress II

selected screenings:
Ann Arbor Film Festival
Media Art Freisland, the Netherlands
Other Cinema, San Francisco CA
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, SF CA
Antimatter Festival, Victoria BC
Sydney Film Festival, Australia
Milwaukee Underground Film Festival
Rooftop Films, Brooklyn NY
Project 101, Paris France
Lundabio Cinema, Reykjavik Iceland
Starlight Drive-In, Black Rock City NV
Axiom Theater, Houston TX
21 Grand, Oakland CA

Edible Rex Film Festival - First Place
Low Voltage Film Festival - Third Place

Amelita Destruction is a segment of a live Potter-Belmar Labs set, during which the prevailing, corrupted order begins to suffer an epic collapse.

This video was published in the Journal of Short Film, volume 1.

PDX Festival, Portland OR

LUFF, Lausanne Switzerland

Presented as storefront cinema at the Matrix Gallery in Ann Arbor, this piece originated as a group of single-channel loops.

Planet Ant Film Festival, Detroit

First Prize - Video Installation
Orilla#06 Museo de Arte Contemporaneo
Santa Fe, Argentina
This example of Potter-Belmar Labs improvised cinema was created for and performed at the 43rd Ann Arbor Film Festival.
A spectacle of sight and sound, with a hint of something narrative, presented in three chapters.  A woman needs her bicycle and to find it, she must transcend this earthly plane, it's hardship and confusion, and gain a greater understanding of the cosmos, and the true meaning of "bicycle."  Potter-Belmar Labs mixes their signature experimental video and
sound with images from De Sica and Hitchcock.

Sound Film Festival, Laredo TX

Reel Shorts at The Arts Center, Saratoga Springs NY
Original music accompanies a beautiful video mix which includes time lapsed film shot at the artists' wedding at the Art Farm in rural Nebraska.