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   Potter-Belmar Labs is Leslie Raymond and Jason Jay Stevens, collaborating artists since 1999, with award-winning, internationally-exhibited work, including live cinema performance, single-channel video, and installation art.

   PBL has performed at venues including the San Antonio Museum of Art, McDonough Museum of Art, Sheldon Museum, Eyewash in NYC, the Los Angeles Filmforum, Chicago Filmmakers, Buffalo's Squeaky Wheel, and the Ann Arbor Film Festival. They were awarded Best Video Installation at Orilla '06 at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo in Santa Fe, Argentina. In 2008, they received the MetLlife Creative Connections Grant from Meet the Composer in support of a West Coast performance tour. Their video short, Double Thunder, won Honorable Mention in Experimental Moving Image at the Fargo Film Festival in 2009. PBL were 2010 artists-in-residence at Experimental Television Center. The duo was commissioned to perform a new live cinema composition and performance, I Am Curious (Remix), as part of the 2010 Aurora Picture Show Media Archaeology Festival in Houston. Potter-Belmar Labs was awarded the 2010 Idea Fund in support of their Panorama video project, which culminated in a 2011 exhibition at San Antonio's Art Pace. In 2011, McNay Art Museum presented a retrospective of their video work.

   Potter-Belmar Labs specializes in multimedia spectacles and curiosities often employing audience-participation. Their work offers means of interaction--like unique switches, sounds and peepholes--and their live cinema performances often involve direct audience participation. The duo has toured extensively, weaving postmodern narratives in sound and image for audiences from New York's The Lab for Performance and Installation Art to San Francisco's Other Cinema.

   Leslie Raymond is an expanded cinema cinema artist working in live cinema performance, installation, site-specific and public art. She is currently the Executive Director of the Ann Arbor Film Festival.

   Jason Jay Stevens is an artist, designer, and a maker of music and sound. He is the Principal of Flutter + Wow Museum Projects. He designs and builds interactive museum exhibitions, furniture, and sculpture. A member of of punk rock and noise ensembles throughout the 90's, today he composes on laptop computer and scores for video.

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