Potter Belmar Labs presents Exquisite Corpse

Potter-Belmar Labs presents Exquisite Corpse

Exquisite Corpses by Stevens, Wallace, Aubuchon, and Aubuchon, Raymond, Wallace
These drawings are by Kimberly Aubuchon, Leslie Raymond,
Jason Jay Stevens, and Anne Wallace.

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An exhibition of collaborative drawings by thirty-nine San Antonio artists in the style of the early-
20th Century Dada drawing game known as Exquisite Corpse.

Sale of the more than 50 unique artworks will benefit the Artist Foundation of San Antonio.

On exhibit at Gallery 118 located at 118 Broadway in San Antonio.

Reception on Friday, November 30, 6 to 10pm, with DJ Gabriel Velasquez and refreshments,
and open on Saturday, December 1, noon to 8pm.

The thirty-nine artists who contributed their talents to the creation of this collection of drawings are:
Oscar Alvarado
Ricky Armendariz
Kimberly Aubuchon
Nate Cassie
Judith Cottrell
Margaret Craig
Meredith Dean
Joan Fabian
Rick Frederick
Christopher French
Beto Gonzales
Mark Hogensen
Mimi Kato
Jimmy Kuehnle
Rhonda Kuhlman
Claire Little
Ken Little
Mark Little
Connie Lowe
Karen Mahaffey
Rick Martinez
John Mason
Jon Mata
Franco Mondini-Ruiz
Michele Monseau
Janette Morales
Dennis Olsen
Justin Parr
Chuck Ramirez
Leslie Raymond
David Rubin
Chris Sauter
S. T. Shimi
Ethel Shipton
Jason Jay Stevens
Michelle Valdez
Anne Wallace
Bettie Ward
George Zupp

Husband and wife artist duo, Leslie Raymond and Jason Jay Stevens, often invite guests to their home and studios to play a collaborative drawing game. The game was invented by a group of early-20th Century European artists known as the Dadaists, and given the absurd name Exquisite Corpse. During the game, participants take turns drawing different parts of a figure, without being allowed to see the parts others have drawn on different segments of the paper. The results are often bizarre and hilarious.

For this show, Raymond and Stevens invited local professional artists to all-day banquets held at their downtown San Antonio home to make special Exquisite Corpses to be framed and exhibited at Gallery 118 on the 30th of November and 1st of December. Proceeds from the sale of the drawings will benefit the Artist Foundation of San Antonio, which annually provides awards to artists across disciplines with the express purpose of enriching the artistic and economic fabric of San Antonio.

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