Portraits of a Spectator
Nos. 1-3

by Potter-Belmar+Sensate

The Judge

Spectacle Girl

3 human-scale representations of festival-goers (amalgams as opposed to anyone specific). Each have a peephole through which to see video, and each has sound.


This time, Potter-Belmar is joined by artist Noel Stupek [a.k.a. Sensate Images] of St. Paul Minnesota.


Images were first made to conjure up the appearences of something that was absent.... Later, the specific vision of the image-maker was also recognized as a part of the record.An image became a record of how X had seen Y.
-John Berger Ways of Seeing

The Portraits of a Spectator Nos. 1-3 made their debut in the concourse of the Michigan Theatre lobby during the 39th Ann Arbor Film Festival in March 2001.

This work was included in the Playground Show, a group exhibition at the Warren Robbins Gallery, University of Michigan School of Art & Design in the summer of 2003.