* f o o d m e m e s *

a series of 50 educational leaflets published and distributed by Potter-Belmar Labs
also displayed in Matrix Gallery window


Science, as canonized in today's institutions, is a poor framework from which to study nutrition. By nutrition, we mean the Health, in general, of organisms that live, eat and drink, and the systems that make it all possible. Science doesn't do a good job of helping us understand the processes of nutrition, including digestion, absorbtion, retention and release. Science does an even worse job of helping us understand how our bodies consume, in general. That is, how we use what goes in, much less how we get it. The Scientific practice of reduction and categorization is particularly inefficient towards these ends. Over and over, the general message of reports published by the institutions of Science prove only that the natural, holistic view of filling one's belly will aid one in the acquisition of happy health.

If deconstructing the Scientific imprint seems at first too difficult,
Imagine yourself an EarthWorm.
Your life spent swimming through the dirt,
swimming by eating the dirt out in front of you,
dirt, more or less, left behind.