* Dual Observation Cabinets *
D U A L   O B S E R V A T I O N   C A B I N E T S 

two handsome wooden cabinets and two video illusions

Through one peephole (left) is seen a colorful diorama illustrating the notion of metaphysical ascension, including a levitating video image.

The view into the second cabinet (right) reveals a wide-angled, video close-up. This is a live, wireless transmission coming from a secret spy camera, hidden in the first cabinet behind the video image. When a spectator is peering into the first cabint, their image is seen in the second.


: video stills :

: on the street :


version 2 appeared in the concourse of the lobby of the Capitol Theatre in Windsor February 2001 for Media City 7 international festival of experimental film and video art;
also shown in Lux Mundi at the 40th Ann Arbor Film Festival
version 1 debuted in the storefront window of Rennaissance clothier on Main Street in downtown Ann Arbor, as part of Videopolis, and the region-wide VideoCulture video art event.