Three Aethers at Three Walls
A convention of otherworldly Aethers, in a space-bending, time-warping installation of sculpture, sight and sound.
Three Aethers at the Center of the Sphere is Potter-Belmar Labs' first large-scale installation since "The Return" at Art Farm in the summer of 2001, and as always, has the duo treading the edges of science, finding relationships that scale between the puzzles of the subatomic, the mysteries of the psyche, and the wonders of the cosmos.

Each of the three Aethers physically suggest the glory altarpieces of 18th Century cathedrals, a representation of the divine breaking through the walls of reality and illuminating the human world. They are constituents of the cosmos beyond the senses, manifest in a realm of the senses. These seraphic facets hold conference in what simultaneously sub-atomically infinitesimal as well as extra-cosmological space, in other words, both outside existence and all-pervasive within existence.

The soundscape makes use of both micro and macroscopic sounds to convey the ongoing trajectory of business-as-usual outside this meeting space.

Installed in April 2007 at the Three Walls Gallery at the
Blue Star Arts Complex in San Antonio.