Swope Listen to some of ArgieGargie by swope.

West Michigan rock'n'roll super group that sealed the tomb of an era of Michigan punk.
Featuring Paul Wortella on drums, Paul Kiry on guitar, Julian Stark on vocals, Jason Stevens on bass.

daintyMound Listen to some of Crush (Acoustic) by daintyMound.

The unique punk nursery rhyme collective.
Featuring Anna Fidler on guitar and lead vocals, Josh Amrhein on guitar and vocals, Akeni Ishii on drums and vocals, Jason Stevens on bass and vocals. 
sexplosiveB Listen to some of Blow Your House Down by sexplosiveB.

Punk craftmanship at its best. SexplosiveB rocked the Michigan scene for two years, including the release of the popular single, Blow Your House Down, before interpersonal problems broke up the band.
Featuring Ed Gilleland on vocals, Don Mangione on guitar, Jennifer Collins on drums, Jason Stevens on bass.
Emmett Schkloven, one of the band's original members played guitar for a short while before Don.