at Sync '05
Friday March 11, 8pm
University of Michigan Duderstat Center

Bear witness as wily media desperados face-off in this showdown of sound and image mixing skills. 

Masterful VJs juLiE mEitZ, Sarah Hughs, and Technovision Detroit lay it on the line in a three-way duel to the beats of DJ Dr. Ron. 

AV superstars bubblegone + verzerren, Dr. Zizz & the Earthwurms, the Shenanigans, and Potter-Belmar Labs improvise sound-image responses to subject categories announced at the event. 

A night that will prove to be as much a showcase as a showdown will end in an awards ceremony and all-out jam-session.

Judges: Oona Mosna, Jeph Foust, Chris McNamara

MC: Mike Woodruf

Referee: Vinh Nguyen

Round Announcer: Tim Furstnau

juLiE mEitZ
Sarah Hughs
Technovision Detroit
bubblegone + verzerren
Dr. Zizz & the Earthwurms
the Shenanigans
Potter-Belmar Labs
DJ Dr. Ron