Leslie Raymond:  video sculpture & installation

Dual Observation Cabinets, 2000
cabinets, video monitors, vcr, video loop, lenses, wireless trensmission device, video camera,  lights, plexi-glass, fans, cloth flowers, mannekin hands
Tiamat vs. Marduk, 2001
historic land-deed documents, video monitor, “swirlpool” video loop, vcr, lenses, wood, hardware, gold paint
cicadaDress, 2002
twine, horsetail, fabric, video monitor, vcr, “mothlight” video loop, wood, nails
These two cabinet-sculptures each contain
a video illusion.  Inside the first is a mysterious floating image, behind which a video camera transmits the viewer's image too the second cabinet.

The DOC was selected for Videopolis, an
exhibition of video art in downtown storefront windows of Ann Arbor.  The piece was later installed in the Michigan Theater lobby for the Ann Arbor Film Festival, as well as the Capitol Theater in Windsor, Ontario for the Media City Film Festival.


Another peephole-based video installation, TVM addresses the Babylonian myth in which Tiamat, representing the chaos of the universe prior to the creation of life , is defeated by Marduk, who then created language and established order amongst the ranks of beings.

This piece debuted at the Matrix Gallery,
Ann Arbor, then exhibited at pARTS Gallery in Minneapolis, as well as at the Inaugural Conference of the Michigan Center for Theoretical Physics.

A video of moths attracted to a light is housed inside a structure woven with natural materials.  The viewer stands underneath the sculpture, looking up to view the video.

This piece was created during residency at Art Farm, Nebraska, and exhibited at the University of Michigan School of Art & Design