Leslie Raymond:  video stills and “extractions” series

aggro, 2003
flowerSymmetry, 2004
wingedFigure, 2004

Still frames are taken from the moving image stream, and printed on a large format printer for exhibition.  Most recently, the images have been printed on duratrans and mounted in lightboxes.

When I was invited to organize a show of “digital work” by the Ann Arbor Art Center in February 2004, I responded with the Digital Canvas exhibition.  Five artists (or collaborative artist groups) who work in live video performance produced large-scale prints of digital video stills for this show.
I presented Digital Canvas in conjunction with the Ann Arbor Film Festival, and all of these artists were able to take part in other Festival events (also produced by me) such as the SuperSonicScreen screening and performance programs, emphasizing the sound-image relationship in the motion picture arts.

My most current work in this arena, the “extractions” series, involves blowing-up areas of particular stills for closer examination, and selecting excerpts for printing.  I am very interested in symmetry, the mandala, and Rorschach-type imagery.   I extract pieces that suggest particular figures to me, yet leave these symmetrical, abstract images adequately ambiguous in order to make way for the viewer's own projections.

The Morphon Delegation (Third Order)