Leslie Raymond:  video in performance

Nine Questions, 2003
multi-media performance
Ann Arbor Film Festival
The Infinite Moment, 2004
live video accompaniment for performance
Gallery 555, Ypsilanti MI

vjFutureWorkerGirl and Dr. Zizz, 2004
Joint-House Co-op Benefit
Ann Arbor, MI

My current performance-based activity as vjFutureWorkerGirl began when I
felt a need to extend my practice more directly into the social fabric--- in terms
of collaborating with other artists as well as responding to the energy of the audience.
I use a Videonics MX-1 video mixer to combine video materials on-the-spot,
as accompaniment to live music and other performative activity.
I approach the projection screen as a stage for moving visual poetry, mixing
my own digitally altered recordings with material appropriated from the well
of existing moving images.

My live video performances have ranged from solo gigs accompanying DJs
to fully choreographed works such as the Nine Questions performance, a
collaboration with dancers, live musicians, and shadow puppeteers, where
we played to an audience of 1,700 people at the Ann Arbor Film Festival.

My partner Jason Jay Stevens and I perform together as “Potter-Belmar Labs,”
creating improvised cinematic events with live mixes of video and audio.
This work examines of the art of storytelling.  As we disassemble the traditional
components of narrative, our current focus is on characters and settings.